Fryshuset and Greenpeace in collaboration to support youths engagement in climate

publiseringsdatum Publicerad 2021-3-12
verksamhet Internationellt plats Fryshuset Global

In a unique collaboration, the non-profit organisations Fryshuset and Greenpeace are coming together to promote the strong engagement of youths in environmental, climate and social justice related issues. The organisations are coming together to create tools, plattforms and networks for making an impact in global issues, with the help of physical and digital venues. The project and collaboration is made possible by the support of The Swedish Postcode Lottery.

The project centers around creating good and equal conditions for youths who want to get involved in making a change in climate and environmental issues. With physical venues in six countries, the project will provide tools for learning-by-doing in Sweden, Hungary, Armenia, Kenya, South Africa and Cameroon.

“In these venues, which in the project are called Climate Changemakerspaces, young people will be able to meet, run their own projects, create campaigns and much more. The physical venues create better local conditions for young people to engage themselves in environmental and climate centered issues, with the addition of digital spaces where they can work together in a youth run international changemakers’ network,” says Miriam Lundqvist, Manager of Youth culture at Fryshuset, and one of the creators of the project.

“We have seen that the issues surrounding the environment and climate are one of the most important issues amongst the youth. This project will greatly increase the possibility for and the capacity of youths to allow their anxieties, passions and engagement in the issue to turn into concrete actions,” says Johan Oljeqvist, CEO of Fryshuset.

“We are currently in a planetary emergency. This project will strengthen youths ability to change world developments through engaging themselves in issues they are passionate about,” says Isadora Wronski, Spokesperson for Greenpeace Sweden.

The project has been awarded SEK 31 million and is one of the “Dream projects” granted by The Swedish Postcode Lottery every year. During the four years that the project is planned to run, about  21,000 participants are expected to be engaged in the project, and about 6,000 local initiatives are expected to be created.

”Young people’s engagement in the climate issue is invaluable – they’re the ones who will inherit the earth, so their influence is crucial! With the help of everyone who are a part of The Swedish Postcode Lottery we can make this unique and important collaboration possible,” says The Swedish Postcode Lottery’s Managing Director Eva Struving.


Isadora Wronski, Program Manager for Greenpeace Sweden. Phone: +46 (0)70-301 25 34,

Carin Balfe Arbman, Communications Manager, Fryshuset. Phone: +46 (0)70-633 35 08,

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